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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Recent significant occupational health and safety legislative changes have now placed a greater emphasis on compliance and increasing penalties.

There is now far greater expectation that employers, officers and managers understand their obligations to provide a safe work environment at their workplaces.

We are passionate about keeping our Clients and their workers safe and up to date on the never ending changes to legislative requirements and the potential impact that these have on their business.

Through our experience, it is far better to prevent an incident from occurring rather than trying to pick up the pieces once an incident has occurred.

Health and Safety should be seen as is an investment in your business, not just another expense.

An improved safety performance of your business can lead to long lasting positive impacts on moral within the workplace, increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism and reducing your workers compensation premiums.

Jordan Consulting Services can provide workplace assessments against your legislative occupational health and safety requirements and identify and discuss practical solutions to issues raised.

We can also assist your business to help you guide you through the process of dealing with WorkSafe Inspectors and assist your business to meet with the Inspectors to implement control measures to address the issues raised.