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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

Jordan Consulting Services provide effective and efficient service for employers who may not have the resources to manage workers compensation issues effectively.

The management of workers compensation can be time consuming and become frustrating and expensive if not managed effectively.

Jordan Consulting Services Workers Compensation consultants have a wealth of experience administering workers compensation claims and have had experience as case managers for WorkCover Insurers.

As a result, we understand what information is required to ensure that the case managers have the correct strategies to minimise the duration of a workers compensation claim.

We understand what a case manager “can do”, and look at strategies ‘outside the square’ to ensure that claims costs are minimized.

We can assist you by managing your day to day workers compensation administration needs as well as attending case conferences with your WorkCover Insurer. We can assist by attending Conciliation conferences should disputes arise and explain the likely outcomes and the impact they will have.

As part of our service we assist by providing your payroll team the calculation of workers compensation claimant’s weekly benefits and administer the reimbursement of weekly payments to ensure that you receive your full entitlement.